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A planning approach focused on goal development leading to goal achievement

The Planning Process 

The first meeting we have with prospective clients is the most important meeting in our process.

The primary purpose of our first meeting is to figure out if there's a reason to work together, and if so, how.  This is when we'll "define our relationship."

Defining the relationship is critical for both our clients and our team because it allows us to move forward through the working relationship knowing exactly what level of service is to be given and received.   Our clients really appreciate this focused approach.  

In our first meeting we'll spend 60 t 90 minutes focused primarily on you, the prospect.  We'll ask a bunch of questions you've probably never thought of, let alone answered, to give us both a full understanding of your situation.  This includes your money habits, your experience with money, and of course your goals.  We'll end the first meeting together, defining our working relationship based on our conversation and our new understanding of what you need.  

In our second meeting, we'll show a preliminary plan and/or verify the data we collected in the first meeting.  The purpose of this meeting isn't to collect exact numbers or grab statements, but rather agree on the numbers we'll be working with in order to complete a written financial plan.  We'll agree on assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and the most important goals to work on first.  

In our third meeting, we'll present a finished financial plan with written recommendations tailored to your needs put forth for you to reach the goals we discussed in meeting one.  This will be the blue print you can follow to get you started down the path of goal achievement.  The planning recommendations are written in such a way that you'll know exactly what to do, when to do it it and what the outcome will be for doing it.  In this meeting we'll discuss implementing the products needed to make the plan work.   Products such as insurance, investments, or reallocating how you're saving.  Our clients are free to implement the plan with whoever they want, but most of our clients do this work with us because of our thorough understanding of their situations.  This is the first time we'll ever bring up products during our process.  

From there we'll have formal review meetings each year designed to keep you on track.  We'll show a progress report on any of the previous goals, make any changes necessary, and work on any new goals that come up each year.  Our only stipulation is that we have to have one formal meeting a year.  The rest is up to you.  This meeting allows us to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with everyone we work with, and allows us to adjust our advice as things in your life change, allowing you to make the best decisions around those changes.

The Money Cycle

The Money Cycle is something that we all go through during our lifetime, and there are three phases: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Watch this video to learn more.

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