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Retirement Planning

Build Your Personalized Plan that Reduces Risk so you Can Enjoy Retirement

Build Your Personalized Plan that Reduces Risk so you Can Enjoy Retirement

Many big financial decisions - buying your first home, planning for your changing family, sending kids to college - benefit from the expertise of a financial planner. Leveraging an advisor’s knowledge can improve your outcomes substantially. Retirement planning is the number one reason people seek help from a financial advisor. Retiring with enough savings and income generators to get you comfortably through life is one of the most important goals people bring to their financial advisor.  

Planning for retirement involves exploring your goals for post-retirement lifestyle, medical needs, investments, taxes and setting up income strategies to achieve them. You may live to age 90 or beyond, which means you have to provide for 25 more years of post-retirement income! Purposeful planning helps ensure that you will have enough savings and investments to cover your daily needs as well as your other retirement goals.

Who Needs A Retirement Plan?

Most people assume we should start planning for retirement in our late 50s or early 60s. But that’s not nearly early enough! Anyone with an income should start saving for the day they retire. When you start early, the time value of money works in your favor to build wealth. A little money saved early can have a bigger impact than a lot of money saved late in life. Also, some people are forced to stop working early for various reasons, including debilitating injuries and chronic illness, or they just lose their job and this has happened to many during the pandemic.

Benefits of Retirement Planning

The retirement plan will help you save enough funds to live the life you want and cover all post-retirement needs, which gives you real peace of mind. Top benefits of retirement planning include:

  • Financial backup for emergencies
  • Investment compounding over time
  • Avoiding unnecessary taxes
  • Cost savings
  • Financial independence
  • Asset protection
  • Securing your family's future
  • Building a legacy

Working With a Financial Advisor

The best way to plan for retirement is to involve a specialized financial advisor. Retirement planners know the ins and outs of creating a strategic plan for your future goals. They can assess your current and future needs to identify the best investments and saving strategies to meet those goals. Retirement planners can provide tools to help you monitor your progress over time and to forecast your cashflow and income needs in retirement. The goal is to promote financial and physical wellbeing for peace of mind and a satisfying post-retirement lifestyle. Don't go through this important and complex process alone. When you need surgery, you want a specialist. Find a specialist to help you secure your retirement, and start planning today!


How can I create a steady stream of income that lasts through retirement?
Picking the right investment mix to secure your retirement income is one of the most important pieces of planning you’ll ever do. It’s a whole different conversation from the investment strategies we use to accumulate assets while working. Make sure to get advice about retirement income planning from a specialist in this area.

Is my family's future protected if something happens to me?
Your family's future is only protected if you have a sound retirement plan and enough savings and investments to cover their financial needs. You can start saving/investing now to secure your family’s future. A specialist can help you plan protection for your family whether or not you’re able to complete your savings plan.

I am retiring in 2-3 years. What should I do now to prepare?
It's best to consult a financial advisor to assess your retirement readiness and maximize your savings and investments. At this point you’re in the “Retirement Red Zone”. You want to lessen your risk and begin planning investment vehicles that will produce a steady stream of income for when you retire, as well as growth strategies for future income streams. You want to be sure you cover all the biggest risks to a successful retirement.

What are the biggest risks to my retirement plan?
The biggest risks to a successful retirement are taxes, inflation, big medical costs, portfolio volatility and outliving your assets. You'll want your plan to address each of these risks to maximize your chances for success in your retirement strategy. Of course, complacency and failing to plan is a sure way to fail. Lack of planning leaves you vulnerable to poor decisions and post-retirement struggles. Get specialized help and get started today. You CAN do this!

When should I start taking my social security?
Glad you asked! This is an often overlooked but extremely important decision! It’s an individual decision based on several factors unique to your situation, and should be considered carefully, hopefully with an advisor who can compute for you what various options would give you in terms of income over your lifetime. Taking social security too early can result in a big reduction in benefits over your lifetime! But for some people, early is best. If you are married, or were once married, more factors come into play. Please, please, please, pull your social security report and think about this with a knowledgeable financial advisor!

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